Get Me The ESL Job+ Package



Have you just started out in the ESL industry? Get fully prepared with an ESL Profile that will present you professionally and help you stand out from all the other applicants!

The ‘Get Me The ESL Job Plus’ Package is our ultimate package which has everything you’ll need to give you the best chance of landing that ESL job!

This package includes everything in the ‘Get Me the Job’ Package, which is:

  • An ESL-focused resume
  • A cover letter (targeted towards your dream job if you have one)
  • An 60-90 second Introduction Video Script
  • A Practice Interview with Professional Feedback Report

PLUS, it also includes:

  • A professional LinkedIn profile
  • A personalised and tailored response to the most difficult and most commonly asked question in almost every ESL Job Interview

It has it all and takes you right through the application process so you’ll be prepared and comfortable right from the start.

Resume & Cover Letter

(Valued at $97 and $47)

  • Our professional resume writers will create a brand new ESL focused resume and cover letter for you
  • Resume and cover letter content will be relevant and tailored towards the types of ESL roles you are seeking
  • We will ensure the resume and cover letter design / layout / structure is optimal for ESL recruiters
  • Your resume and cover letter will be optimised to pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Unlimited revisions until you are fully satisfied with your resume and cover letter
  • You will be emailed Microsoft Word and PDF versions of your new resume, cover letter & introduction script
  • Your resume and cover letter will be ready for you within 4 business days, so you can start applying for jobs

Introduction Video Script + Tips

(Valued at $47)

  • Personalised 2 minute introduction video script for you to use when applying for positions
  • Hints and tips for recording yourself in the best way to ensure you get an interview

Practice Interview + Professional Feedback Report

(Valued at $67)

Do you get all nervous and don’t know what to say in an interview? We can help you there too!

Get all the nerves out of the way and get some quality feedback on what you did well and what you could do better!

Prior to your practice interview you’ll receive:

  • A range of choices of time for your practice interview
  • A list of questions that you may be asked in your practice interview (and that may be asked during an actual job interview)
  • A hints and tips guide to help you prepare for your practice interview to get the most out of it

Your practice interview will:

  • Be set up to mirror an ESL job interview
  • Be 10-15 minutes long

After your practice interview you’ll receive:

  • A professional report from an experienced ESL recruiter that provides feedback and tips to help you improve your interview style

LinkedIn Profile

(Valued at $67)

LinkedIn is the Worlds #1 platform for professional profiles where job seekers and job recruiters can connect.

ESL recruiters widely use LinkedIn to actively contact potential ESL teachers based on their profile. Are you closing the door on potential recruiters just because your LinkedIn profile is out of date and does not convey to them that your main objective is to become an ESL teacher?

We can help you re-open those job opportunities with an ESL-focused LinkedIn profile.

Personalised Job Interview Response

(Valued at $67)

Do you find it difficult to answer the question, “So, can you tell us about yourself?

Most people do and have no idea what they should and shouldn’t say, and then the voice in your head adds to the confusion with “Now, what do they want to hear?

After creating your resume and having a Practice Interview with you, we’ll get to know you better and then be able to create a personalised message which you can use in every job interview! It will be written with your skills, experience and personality in mind and help you portray the best you to your interviewer.

    Note: We cannot guarantee you will get that dream ESL job or that they will ask you this question, however we can ensure that your skills and attributes are presented to potential employers in the best possible manner

    Valued at $392