Get Me The ESL Job Package



Need a job yesterday? New to the ESL industry? Are you a great teacher but have no idea about how to get yourself in front of a classroom?

The ‘Get Me The ESL Job’ Package is what you need!

It has it all and takes you right through the application process so you’ll be prepared and comfortable right from the start.

Resume & Cover Letter

(Valued at $97 and $47)

  • Our professional resume writers will create a brand new ESL focused resume and cover letter for you
  • Resume and cover letter content will be relevant and tailored towards the types of ESL roles you are seeking
  • We will ensure the resume and cover letter design / layout / structure is optimal for ESL recruiters
  • Your resume and cover letter will be optimised to pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Unlimited revisions until you are fully satisfied with your resume and cover letter
  • You will be emailed Microsoft Word and PDF versions of your new resume, cover letter & introduction script
  • Your resume and cover letter will be ready for you within 4 business days, so you can start applying for jobs as soon as possible

Introduction Video Script + Tips

(Valued at $47)

  • Personalised 60 – 90 second introduction video script for you to use when applying for positions
  • Hints and tips for recording yourself in the best way to ensure you get an interview

Practice Interview + Professional Feedback Report

(Valued at $67)

Prior to your practice interview you’ll receive:

  • A range of choices of time for your practice interview
  • A list of questions that you may be asked in your practice interview (and that may be asked during an actual job interview)
  • A hints and tips guide to help you prepare for your practice interview to get the most out of it

Your practice interview will:

  • Be set up to mirror an ESL job interview
  • Be 10-15 minutes long

After your practice interview you’ll receive:

  • A professional report from an experienced ESL recruiter that provides feedback and tips to help you improve your interview style

Valued at $258

Note: We cannot guarantee you will get that dream ESL job, however we can ensure that your skills and attributes are presented to potential employers in the best possible manner