Freelancer Package



Are you looking to go out on your own to become a freelance ESL tutor on a platform such as Cambly, Preply, iTutor etc?

On these platforms, it’s the student who chooses their teacher amongst 100’s of others.

To stand out from all the other teachers, you’ll need a professional profile so the student chooses you!

We’ve got you covered with the Freelance Package.

This includes:

  • A Professional ESL Resume (to help you get selected by the company to get listed on their platform)
  • A Professional Bio for your teacher profile which can be used on multiple platforms – 100-150 words long
  • A Student Introduction Video Script (so students can listen to you speak and you can ‘sell’ yourself effectively to them) – 60-90 seconds long
  • A Professional LinkedIn Profile (so students can see that you’re a professional on other platforms as well)

Your package will be ready for you within 4 business days, so you’ll be ready to go and teaching as soon as possible!

Professional ESL Resume

To get listed as a freelance teacher on a teaching platform (such as Cambly and iTutor), you’ll need to get approved by them first. And they don’t just take anyone… you’ll need to submit a resume that promotes you as an ESL teacher, and not you in your previous profession!

Now, we find that many people think they have a good resume just because they’ve written it themselves. But in our experience, the vast majority of resumes that we’ve seen make many of the same mistakes. They often have multiple issues that result in their resume being dragged in to the recruiters recycle bin. These include:

  • Have a resume that is far too long
  • Include details that are not relevant to the ESL industry
  • Neglect to include ESL-relevant details or tasks performed in their job history

So, to get the best resume you can try and do it yourself, or you can leave it to the experts.

We have vast experience creating professional ESL-focused resumes based on your current resume and existing skills and qualifications. Your new resume will highlight your skills, qualifications and relevant experience so you stand out from the hundreds of other applicants.

  • Our professional resume writers will create a brand new ESL focused resume for you
  • Resume content will be relevant and tailored towards the types of ESL roles you are seeking
  • We will ensure the resume design / layout / structure is optimal for ESL recruiters
  • Your resume will be optimised to pass through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Unlimited revisions until you are fully satisfied with your resume
  • You will be emailed Microsoft Word and PDF versions of your new resume

Professional Bio

Your bio will be crucial in showing off your skills, experience and your niche to potential students. We know what students are looking for and will provide you with a 100-150 word introduction of yourself, so the student can get to know you better.

Introduction Video Script

Students will normally watch a short video before choosing their teacher. This is the perfect opportunity for you to show off your skills and connect with potential students.

We’ll make this easy by providing you with a personalised script to follow, and give you hints on how to record the perfect introduction video.

With our help you will look polished and ready to start work!

  • Personalised 90-120 second introduction video script for you to add to your teacher profile page
  • Hints and tips for recording yourself in the best way to ensure you get as many students as possible


LinkedIn is the Worlds #1 platform for professional profiles where people connect.

Millions of people do searches every day looking for professionals in all types of industries. If you want to be a freelance teacher, you need to have a LinkedIn profile. Google also loves LinkedIn, so their pages often appear at the top of search results.
You can also add links to your profile, so once the potential student finds you on LinkedIn, they can click on your link to take them straight to the web page on your teaching platform where they can book you as their teacher.

We can help you open those job opportunities with an ESL-focused LinkedIn profile.

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