Practice Interview & Feedback



Have you ever felt how unnatural it is to have an online interview over Skype?

Do you remember all those interviews you’ve had where you came out and said “Gees, I wish I’d said this”, or “Damn, I wish I wasn’t so nervous and could do it again”?

There is help available!

Here is your chance to have that first interview, get the nerves out of the way and get valuable feedback on how you could have done it better!

By doing a practice interview and getting professional feedback and advice on how you can improve your style and technique.

Prior to your practice interview you’ll receive:

  • A range of choices of time for your practice interview
  • A list of questions that you may be asked in your practice interview (and that may be asked during an actual job interview)
  • A hints and tips guide to help you prepare for your practice interview to get the most out of it

Your practice interview will:

  • Be set up to mirror an ESL job interview
  • Be 10-15 minutes long

After your practice interview you’ll receive:

  • A professional report from an experienced ESL recruiter that provides feedback and tips to help you improve your interview style

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